Warburton Fashion Week 2016

                  Co-Presented by Wilurarra Creative and Ngaanyatjarra Health Service, Warburton Fashion Week 2016 is happening 25th-29th July! Warburton Fashion Week 2016 celebrates the strong history of styling up in Ranges. People in Warburton can be involved in hairdressing, styling up, fashion and photography. The theme of this year’s fashion week is ‘team.’ There are lots of different types of teams in Warburton: sports teams, work teams, families, bands, teams from different organisations. Fashion Week celebrates people being together, looking and feeling good. A [...]


Catwalk fashion show 2013

As well as the amazing photo-shoots Wilurarra Creative with Star lady worked on catwalk fashion! Showing off their amazing outfits and talents on the runway. It was so much fun with the fellas busting some deadly dance moves and the girls looking working it whilst looking stunning. Here are some images of the catwalks sow, stay tuned for a video upload soon. Click here for the images


Fashion photo shoots 2013

Here are the latest photography shoots from Wilurarra creative's fashion workshops.Working with Star lady on hair, makeup and fantastic fashion all whilst boosting confidence infront the camera and training Warburton locals new skills . Big thankyou to India Ashboth from the Shires Youth Team for helping out with hair and makeup. This year was our best yet with a huge amount of amazing images captured, look out paris fashion show, Warburtons coming !!! Click here for the images


Fashion Show Spectacular 2012 !!

   Fashion Show 2012 photos !!! The Wilurarra Creative fashion spectacular went off without a hitch. We had BBQ's, Slideshows, ninja movies pumping tunes and a great turnout. Themed catwalks included Deadly Ladies wear, Cowboys, Schoolboys and our own screen printed designs. See all the photos here Thankyou to all that helped out on the night and made it such a great event. Stay tuned for a video coming soon.

Warburton floods revisited

Its been almost one year since the floods in Warburton. Over 120mm of rain fell in one night, which turned the area into a wetlands. The air strip was completly flooded and as warburton is surrounded by creeks it was cut off from the outside world for weeks. Over 30 homes were affected by the rising waters and make shift accomodation was setup to help the familys. Jody Brown, a worker at Wilurarra Creative was here during the floods and [...]