Warburton Fashion Week 2016

                  Co-Presented by Wilurarra Creative and Ngaanyatjarra Health Service, Warburton Fashion Week 2016 is happening 25th-29th July! Warburton Fashion Week 2016 celebrates the strong history of styling up in Ranges. People in Warburton can be involved in hairdressing, styling up, fashion and photography. The theme of this year’s fashion week is ‘team.’ There are lots of different types of teams in Warburton: sports teams, work teams, families, bands, teams from different organisations. Fashion Week celebrates people being together, looking and feeling good. A [...]


Design Workshops – Kate O’Conner

  This week at Wilurarra Creative we have been running designs workshops, with our guest graphic designer Kate O'Conner from Top Sugar Kate worked with Delivina Lawson, Vashti Lane, and anyone else that was keen to come up with some poster ideas for the studio. As well as the posters they have been working on T-shirt designs, Postcards, Stickers, Banners and a new murial for the truckshed.We also worked with the Work Camp fellas to create a poster with the help [...]


Marcia Langton comments on Wilurarra Creative

"...There is a dynamism in Aboriginal cultures, most vividly expressed by youth. I am a fan of the Wilurarra Creative workers who present their videos on YouTube and used some examples of their work to explain how youth are bringing their own cultural expressions to the fore and how these expressions are examples of the resilience of Aboriginal culture. I have recommended the YouTube presentations from Wilurarra Creative to many of my colleagues, not only to dissuade them from antiquated [...]

Ben Fox, His Excellency, Delvina Lawson, Kate Fielding, Preston Thomas

Visit by His Excellency Dr Ken Michael AC Governor of Western Australia

Ben Fox, His Excellency, Delvina Lawson, Kate Fielding and Preston Thomas pose for the camera. His Excellency is holding a steel Wirra, a traditional tool for digging and transporting in a modern material. The visit by His Excellency Dr Ken Michael AC Governor of Western Australia to the Wilurarra Creative Centre with Robert Hicks, CEO Goldfields-Esperance Development Commission, Dave Gilmour, Aide-de camp to His Excellency and Shire Councillor Preston Thomas, was a big success. His Excellency painted a picture for [...]