Warburton Events

Warburton Fashion Week 2016

                  Co-Presented by Wilurarra Creative and Ngaanyatjarra Health Service, Warburton Fashion Week 2016 is happening 25th-29th July! Warburton Fashion Week 2016 celebrates the strong history of styling up in Ranges. People in Warburton can be involved in hairdressing, styling up, fashion and photography. The theme of this year’s fashion week is ‘team.’ There are lots of different types of teams in Warburton: sports teams, work teams, families, bands, teams from different organisations. Fashion Week celebrates people being together, looking and feeling good. A [...]


SandTracks 2012 – Tjupi Band and Blackstone Band Play in Warburton

Over 600 people turned out at the Warburton oval for the Sandtracks 2012 concert on Saturday 22nd September. Tjupi Band and Blackstone Band were supported by local Warburton Bands - Red Sand Beat and Central Desert Band. Thanks to the Ng Media team for setting up the stage.   Above: Tjupi Band with a dancing fan and (far right on the keyboard) Lemih Thompson from Wanarn 


PHAM’s BBQ Launch Event

  PHAM's BBQ Launch event was a great sucess. With the PHAM's team ,The breakfest ladies, The Shire and Wilurarra Creative all working together everyone was feed, entertained and given an insights, into ideas for Warburtons future. Red Sand Band performed on the night which brought everyone to the new Admin complex to celebrate the launch. See more photos of the Band here    

Warburton floods revisited

Its been almost one year since the floods in Warburton. Over 120mm of rain fell in one night, which turned the area into a wetlands. The air strip was completly flooded and as warburton is surrounded by creeks it was cut off from the outside world for weeks. Over 30 homes were affected by the rising waters and make shift accomodation was setup to help the familys. Jody Brown, a worker at Wilurarra Creative was here during the floods and [...]


Sandtracks Cross Borders Tour – Warburton 2011

Sandtracks Cross borders Tour 2011 in Warburton held in the park, Sept 28th Warburton ranges local bands including Red Sand Beat and Central desert band supported Sunshine reggae band and Nabarlek Though the night was chilly, over five hundred people came from accross the lands to participate in the festivities Earlier in the week Nabarlek and Sunshine Reggae bands Toured the Wilurarra studio and got to see what we do in house. They also held workshops for locals to gain feedback about [...]


Warburton Christmas Party

Well it's that time of the year again: Warburton Christmas party! Wilurarra started the event off in the pool with the help of Stevie G, setting up trampolines and a slippery slide for the kids and young adults to enjoy. We also had the Wilurarra Photo Booth running. Everyone then moved to the park for some fun and games including billycan races. Santa distributed gifts to kids and the adults had a big barbeque. You can see more photos of [...]


Creative Health Conference in Warburton

Image: Left to Right, Cezanne Ezard, Lida Curran, Michael Borenstein, Katie Machin, Rose Girdwood, Ben Fox, Remington, Cameron McDonald, Troy Beeman, Jill Fergunson, Alex Walton, Kate Fielding, Brett Jennings + Evette, Annie Tangey, Adel Jennings, Photo by Jody Brown. This conference is part of a collaborative partnership between Wilurarra Creative (Warburton Community Inc.) and Ngaanyatjarra Health Service (particularly Kungaku Yangupalaku Healthy Relationships Project). It is a creative health partnership between art and health organisations to acheive mutual goals. Both health [...]