Wilurarra Creative supports young adults to build strong communities and strong artistic practices in the Ngaanyatjarra Lands. Wilurarra Creative’s vision is to create a wider horizon for young people and support their cultural and creative well being.



Professor Marcia Langton AO, Chair of Indigenous Studies, Melbourne University. “I am a fan of the Wilurarra Creative programs and have recommended their work to many of my colleagues, not only to dissuade them from antiquated beliefs about Aboriginal cultures, but also to show them the astonishing achievements of the most deprived youth in the country. Youth are bringing their own cultural expressions to the fore and these expressions are examples of the resilience of Aboriginal culture.

With just a digital video camera or a mobile phone, they are able to insert themselves into national Australian  and international cultural life and give us all hope that Aboriginal culture is alive and well.”

Livingston McKain West, Ngaanyatjarra Elder “The young people are like the eyes for the old people seeing into the future” “Through this project… you can see the young people standing up for themselves, speaking out. Now is the right time for people to take notice.”
Fred Chaney AO, Reconcilitation Australia Board of Directors.
The Ngaanyatjarra communities face great challenges to make their future, that cannot simply be a copy of the past. The use of new technologies is just one of the ways things will be different. To do this requires confidence, imagination and resources.  Wilurarra Creative is successfully engaging the great creative abilities and skills of the Ngaanyatjarra people who are actively shaping their future.


His Excellency Dr Ken Michael, AC Governor of WA. “I was pleased to see much interest and enthusiasm shown by these young people towards their chosen activities.”
Neil Gordon, Officer in Charge, Warburton Police Station. …. “These young people are now positive and active members of the community.”
Dr Michael McGuinness,
Aboriginal Mental Health Worker
“Wilurarra Creative; something to be proud of.”





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