About Wilurarra Creative

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Trenton Giles and Sandtracks crew in studio.


 Open weekdays: 10am – 12 Noon and 2pm – 4pm

Visitors welcome but please make an appointment.

Wilurarra Creative is a one-of-a-kind program. It facilitates a diverse range of creative programs and provides space for self directed learning for Ngaanyatjarra people aged 17-30.

Part arts space, part library, part internet café, part hair salon, part music studio, part workshop: All creativity, all community. Wilurarra Creative is bursting at the seams; full of people, ideas and action.

Wilurarra Creative is a community hub and incubator. It provides activities for the large demand from post school age adults in remote communities. Wilurarra Creative is excelling where many projects struggle; consistently engaging people in meaningful projects and providing real pathways to new opportunities through community building, learning, mentoring and employment.

Willurarra Creative is currently at capacity and always looking for opportunities to expand.

Wilurarra Creative is seeking partners to secure ongoing resources, to extend the infrastructure of the centre and employ Ngaanyatjarra staff (male and female).

Wilurarra Creative;
•    Works with adults
•    Achieves a high level of engagement from this demographic who are notoriously hard to engage
•    Involves supervision of self directed training
•    Trains participants to run the equipment (reducing bottlenecking and reliance on particular staffers)
•    Shares models with other Ng communities, providing employment to young people trained through the program to train others
•    Fosters intergenerational support
•    Models best practice community development

Wilurarra Creative’s home is Warburton Community, W.A, on the Ngaanyatjarra Lands.


  • The average number of people who have direct contact with the program each day: 80 people.
  • Average daily visitors from external agencies: 2
  • Warburton was recently ranked as one of Australia’s poorest town and has one of the highest living costs in the country.
  • The average male life expectancy is 48 years. This is 29 years less than the Australian male population as a whole and 11 years lower than the national Indigenous male life expectancy.
  • With the closest regional centres Alice Springs and Kalgoorlie both approximately 1,000 kilometres away, Warburton is considered one of Australia’s most remote communities.
  • Average number of music tracks recorded weekly in the studio: 5 tracks
  • Average number of airplanes that land on the Warburton Airstrip daily: 3
  • Average number of people who ride their bike to the studio daily: 3
  • Average number of dogs expelled from the studio daily: 6
  • Warburton was recently ranked as one of Australia’s poorest town and has one of the highest living costs in the country.
  • Warburton is considered one of Australia’s most remote settlements. The impact of the very remote location is heightened by lack of any public transport services. 50% of households do not have a car, compared to a WA state average of 7.5%.


Wilurarra Creative is a project of Warburton Community Inc. and has a number of supporters